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Ceiling fan--The best partner of air conditioner & air purifier - ParrotUncle

Ceiling fan--The best partner of air conditioner & air purifier

    A lot of people think the fan is only used in the summer, actually fan has a great purpose is to speed up the indoor air circulation.

    For example, when you open the air conditioner in summer, if the installation location of the air conditioner is not proper, or the air conditioner itself has small power, it is easy to cause the problems of uneven distribution of temperature in the room. Then the fan can accelerate the flow of indoor hot and cold air, to make indoor temperature distribution more uniform & more comfortable feeling. In a heated room in winter is also the same reason. Because the air conditioner is high energy consumption product, refrigeration at room temperature 1℃ higher setting, heating time at room temperature 2℃ lower setting, that can save more than 10%. If use of fan at the same time, when we set the air conditioner temperature at 26℃-28℃ in summer and 16℃-18℃ in winter, we can also feel cool and warm.

    Now many families have air purifier, if used with an air circulation effect fan, can also promote the efficiency of air purifier, and make indoor air quality more uniform.

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