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SUMMER 2023: New Lighting is Coming - ParrotUncle

SUMMER 2023: New Lighting is Coming

Summer is here and our homes need some unique changes for this season of vibrancy and life. Among the many home decoration elements, lamps are undoubtedly the key elements that can instantly change the atmosphere of a space. Today, Parrot Uncle will introduce some new summer lamps, which not only have a unique sense of design, but also add a fresh summer style to your home.

Pendant Collection

Parrot Uncle's new summer chandelier attracts attention with its unique design and excellent craftsmanship. Using high-quality materials, these pendant lights combine modern and traditional design elements to add a relaxed, summery vibe to any space. Whether lighting your home or adding a decorative element to a commercial space, Parrot Uncle's new summer pendant lights are ideal.

Nothing adds warmth and a casually inviting ambiance like a woven chandelier. Meticulously handwoven, this chandelier features an oversized drum silhouette. On the inside, the 3-light set casts plenty of light, this collection can complement a variety of bohemian decor, even in a home with a coastal or farmhouse feel, it's great over your kitchen island, living room, foyer or Ideal for hanging above a dining table or any type of bedroom.

Our 6 Light Sputnik Chandelier features a modern metal starburst that casts light in all directions to make a statement in any interior. The 6 adjustable arms of this mid-century ceiling light extend from the metal core for an explosive, dynamic look that brings space-age style to any space and complements room decor from rustic farmhouse to modern minimalist. The heavy-duty metal construction provides exceptional stability and durability, and you'll be able to enjoy its promising modern style for years to come.

Soft contemporary style meets texture and a rainbow of colors. This light fixture is a unique choice to brighten your hallway, bedroom, or low-ceiling entryway. Layers of hand-strung natural shells create a soft diffused light that complements the metallic elements.

Flush Mounts Collection 

The flush mount has a compact design and good heat dissipation performance. Even in the hot summer, it will not generate too much heat, which avoids wasting energy and causing safety hazards. If your home has low ceilings. Flush mount lights would also be the best option. It is simple to install and easy to operate. Parrot Uncle ceiling lights come in various styles, you can install them in the dining room or in the aisle. There is always one you like.

This recessed ceiling light with wrought iron design, and flower shape decoration makes the whole light unique, and more stunning than the pictures. Exquisite lighting suits the family living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, etc.

Crafted from wood and iron art, this recessed ceiling light looks handsome with a rustic industrial look. It consists of a circular open frame made of wooden slats, and brown-finish brackets enclosing four light bulbs. This flush-mount light fixture holds up to four bulbs, ensuring plenty of lighting. Lighting inspired by industrial and rustic farmhouse styles.

Brighten up interior spaces with this modern ceiling light. The overall minimalist style complements the transparent glass lampshade, creating a visual aesthetic together. When the bulb (not included) is lit, soft light passes through the clear glass shade, casting a wonderful glow, and the black and brass finish of the modern ceiling light body also shimmers, giving off a soft and warm light. This ceiling light is a great choice for decorating kitchens, living rooms, hallways, and foyers.

Vanity Lighting Collection

The lightings in this collection come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and finishes to suit different decorating needs, from modern minimalism to vintage luxury, find the right fit. Moreover, the lightings of this series are not only practical, but also highly decorative, which can be used as the highlight of the bathroom or dressing room to enhance the style and taste of the entire space.
The simple lines and cube-shaped crystal charm contrast beautifully with our sleek black metal finish. This minimalist style adds a fresh aesthetic to today's modern interiors with a softer, more relaxed approach. Made of durable steel to give your home a lasting style.

This wall sconce has a modern design art. Enhance your bathroom with this easy-to-install lighting. A unique crystal shade that creates a wonderful ambience and is perfect for a variety of home decor. The bathroom vanity light requires 3 x E12 base 60-watt maximum bulbs.

In closing, I hope you've gotten some inspiration and ideas, whether you're looking for a summer lighting solution for your home or just looking to update your lighting. Remember, the most important thing is to find products that reflect your personal style and meet your needs.

In this summer, let's brighten up our night with these new lights, adding more colors and atmosphere to our life. Whatever your choice, I hope these new lights bring endless joy and comfort to your summer days.

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