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How to clean a ceiling fan

Dirty fan blades don’t move air as efficiently, so clean all household ceiling fans at least once each cooling season. 

     Step 1.First remove the screws, first remove the back, then remove the front. Generally, there are about 3 fixing screws at the back. After dismantling, the screws should be placed uniformly in a small box to prevent loss.

     Step 2. Remove the screws at the back, and then remove the front. If the place where the screw is not visible on the surface, do not forcefully remove it. Usually, it is taken directly, or there is a hidden button, or rotation, and the screw is hidden. But no matter what the method is, the household type is generally not difficult to disassemble, you can find it after a little observation.

     Step 3. After dismantling, start cleaning from the fan blades. Because the place of the fan blade is generally the location of the motor, that is, the core part of the fan, it cannot be drenched in water. But the fan blades and the surrounding are also the dirtiest places. So first wipe off the dirtiest and thickest layer of dust with a paper towel.

    Step 4. After cleaning, dry the surface with a wrung wet towel. Then put it in a cool place to dry.

    Step 5. Finally, install all the things along the way of dismantling. Also start with the back first, then the front. After installing it, check it again, and then try powering it on. As long as the motor is not damaged, there should be no problem.

Three Ways to Clean Ceiling Fans

  1. Use edible white vinegar to clean

      Mix about 10 ml of white vinegar with 50 times the water, soak a piece of cloth in the white vinegar water, take it out and twist it to dry quickly, then wipe the surface of the ceiling fan light, so the light fixture is very smooth and clean, and there is no static electricity, and it is not easy to fall dust

      2. Clean with kerosene

      Use a toothbrush dipped in a small amount of kerosene to scrub the dirty parts of the ceiling fan light, which can easily remove the stubborn dirt on the surface of the fan light. It is also possible to clean directly with kerosene. Note: When kerosene is directly cleaned, remove the fan blade, apply kerosene to the part to be cleaned, brush with a brush, wait for a while and then use detergent to remove the residual kerosene on the surface

      3. Clean with a professional cleaner

      Spray the professional cleaner towards the surface of the fan light, wait for 1 minute, and wipe it with a dry cloth

That's it! But if cleaning the ceiling fan is a chore you hate, try going the extra mile: Wax the blades with car wax, which can prevent dust from sticking in the first place.

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