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Get to Know Your Bulbs

Here is a quick breakdown of some typical bulbs you would find…

  • Incandescent – Most like the sun, provide warm light, are really typical in interiors, and are the least energy-efficient (a 60 Watt will only last about 750 hours) — the industry is starting to phase a lot of incandescents out. Best for floor or table lamps, chandeliers (Type C or B) or even kitchen pot lights.
  • Halogen – Has more hours than a simple incandescent, can get quite hot to touch, have high energy consumption with a typical halogen lamp, provide warm light as well.
  • Fluorescent – Energy-efficient, but not as good quality in terms of color rendering, provide more of a cool light, can be dimmed but not very well, are delayed in coming on. Fluorescents tend to be better suited for areas that are not as important for task or mood lighting – think more so in garages, basements, hallways that don’t get as much traffic, etc.
  • LED – Expensive but last the longest and are the best on energy savings, typically make colors look great, the industry is continuing to develop the technology – lots of incredible options coming out!

Pro Tip: try and slowly change out your old incandescents for LED’s so the cost won’t be too much all at once.

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