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Parrot Uncle Remote Control For F6335

库存量单位 F6335-CONTROLLER
来自 ParrotUncle
原价 $59.90 - 原价 $59.90
$59.90 - $59.90
现价 $59.90

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Limited lifetime warranty

Parrot Uncle provides this limited warranty to the original purchaser of this ceiling fan and light fixture in the original installation location. Thank you for choosing Parrot Uncle!

At Parrot Uncle, we want you to feel like every ceiling fan and light is the perfect match for your home, however, if there's an issue, you may send it back within 30 days of receipt, and we will be happy to exchange, or provide you a refund.

Check our full refund&return policy

A set of remotes and controllers GA019-1

  • With reversing switch
  • Can control 6 gears of wind speed
  • Fan Switch: fan on/off
  • Can change light intensity
  • Can change color temperature 3000/4000/6000k
  • Can 60 seconds timer for light
  • Has natural wind key
  • With the timing function, it can be timed for 1/2/4 hours
  • Our remote control and receiver are a set, not sold separately


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