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Thermostatic Rain Shower Set In Black or Brushed Golden

Original price $354.00 - Original price $414.00
Original price
$354.00 - $414.00
Current price $354.00
Color: Black

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This thermostatic shower head is designed to provide users with a luxurious, spa-like shower experience. With shower heads and handheld sprayers working in harmony, the range offers versatility and customization. The range combines functionality and beauty to provide users with a refreshing, energizing shower experience that is like standing beneath a waterfall.

  • Main body material: copper, top spray material: ABS, shower arm material: stainless steel
  • 2-function thermostatic shower head, top spray, and handheld spray can produce water at the same time. Handheld flow rate: 6.8L/MIN, top spray 6.8L/MIN
  • Valve core life; GB18145>30,000 cycle switch
  • Salt spray test; acid salt spray test level 10
  • Handheld holder; can be swung back and forth
  • The top spray has a single function of water discharge; the handheld 3-function water discharge: rainwater, spray water, rainwater + spray water
  • Description of how to use the handle or handwheel; point the handle upward and counterclockwise to increase the temperature, and clockwise to decrease the temperature.
  • The product valve core has CE, ACS, and KTW certification
  • Weight: 13.23lbs
  • Size(in.): 22.44"*14.57"*5.91"

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